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Content Management System
Our Content Management System is our flagship application that allows highly dynamic web sites. It employs a sophisticated Back Office that allows the client to perform their own updates with no programming experience. The system allows for security, calendars, events, news, automatic emails, and much more.
Vendor Management System
If you deal with dozens of companies and find it hard to keep track of them, this product is for you. This application allows you to track all these companies, keep relevant information about them, it's employees, and have very dynamic capability to track notes. It allows for customization between users and a security system to limit access.
Attendance Management Solutions
Need to track the punch in's and out's of your employees? We've built attendance solutions that work through your local area network as well as add-on's to some of the most highly robust systems found on the market today. These include the newest biometric clock systems.
Internet Shopping Cart
If standard shopping carts just aren't robust enough for you or you want something that doesn't look so cheesy, we can incorporate a custom buying experience into your web site. All your products, pictures, descriptions, and costing will be at your control through a Back Office maintenance system that you can access from anywhere.
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